Green Software Lab

New Paper Accepted @ ASE’18

jStanley: Placing a Green Thumb on Java Collections – Rui Pereira, Pedro Simão, Jácome Cunha, João Saraiva

Software developers are more and more eager to understand their code’s energy performance. However, even with such knowledge it is difficult to know how to improve the code. Indeed, little tool support exists to understand the energy consumption profile of a software system and to eventually (automatically) improve its code.

In this paper we present a tool termed jStanley which automatically finds collections in Java programs that can be replaced by others with a positive impact on the energy consumption as well as on the execution time. In seconds, developers obtain information about energy-eager collection usage. jStanley will further suggest alternative collections to improve the code, making it use less time, energy, or a combination of both. The preliminary evaluation we ran using jStanley shows energy gains between 2% and 17%, and a reduction in execution time between 2% and 13%.