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Marco Couto talk @ InfoBlender, Universidade do Minho, May 10th

Please find below the detailed program.
Date & Location: Wednesday, May 10th, 2017, at DI, Gualtar campus, Braga.
Coffee Session: 13h30 -14h, Sala de Estar, 4th Floor.
Talk Session: 14h -14h30, Auditório A2, firstfloor.
Speakers. Marco Couto, HASLabINESC TEC & Minho University.
Title. Static Energy Consumption Analysis in Software: The Worst-Case Scenario
Abstract. Energy consumption is becoming an evident concern to software developers. While programming languages provide several compiler optimizations, memory profiler tools, benchmark and time execution monitoring frameworks, there are no equivalent tools/frameworks to profile/optimize energy consumption.This is even more notorious due to the propagation of mobile devices. Such propagation of devices is also influencing software development: a software system is now developed as a set of similar products sharing common features. This talk will focus on explaining how energy consumption analysis can be performed in software in a very challenging and promising manner: statically, without execution. Moreover, a case study will be used to better explain how to achieve this, while showing the speaker’s ongoing work in the area.

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