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Rui Pereira talk @ InfoBlender, Universidade do Minho, November 18th

Please find below the detailed program.
Date & Location: Wednesday, November 18th, 2017, at DI, Gualtar campus, Braga.
Coffee Session13h30 -14h, Sala de Estar, 4th Floor.
Talk Session: 14h -14h30, Auditório A2, first floor.
Speakers. Rui Pereira, HASLabINESC TEC & Minho University.
Title. Energy Efficiency Across Programming Languages
Abstract. This talk presents a study of the runtime, memory usage and energy consumption of twenty seven well-known software languages. We monitor the performance of such languages using ten different programming problems, expressed in each of the languages. Our results show interesting findings, such as how slower/faster languages consuming less/more energy, and how memory usage influences energy consumption. We also show how to use our results to provide software engineers support to decide which language to use when energy efficiency, time, or memory is a concern.

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